Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Because God inspires us through His Word...I'm learning so much from so many as I read and blog. I want to send my thanks with a little of God's beauty to boot!
So, My Hands...His Glory will now have a "BEE-cause" Award...inspired by Psalm 91.

It will be given when there are special moments of time spent with God--"listenings" to His instructions, "restings" in His presence, or "rescues" and "shields" from traps and hazards. (God-incidences will also be included, because I love to capture and read back over God's creativity IN our lives...no coincidences, I believe they are GOD-incidences).

God truly does delight in His creation...

You are His creation--He delights in you, where you are, when you share with Him, and even when you don't share with Him--He never leaves your side. Alpha and Omega, Beginning and End, Holding you in the palm of His Hand!

Many, many times she has captured my heart in her words from His Word, so my First recipient is: Elaine, at http://peaceforthejourney.blogspot.com/ for "seasons of change"

Go here to check out some great "wordless wednesday" pics



elaine @ peace for the journey said...

This is so precious, and to be the first! I've never been the first in anything...

How do I get a picture of this for my sidebar (I'm very technically challenged). I love it. You're the best.


Paula (SweetPea) said...

Oh, I love your new header and I see you've made it into an award. How wonder.

Elaine - you rick click on the pick and do a save as picture. Then go to your blog layout, click add a pic and follow from there.

Gorgeous pic, Skoots! And...so creative.

Robin Lambright said...

Love it! Love you!

Marsha said...

What a nice gesture and a really lovely award! This is my first visit to your site... what a pleasant and comfortable place to come to!

I'm late but finally have my WW post up for today. Please stop by if you get a chance!

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