Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Is That God (or Jethro) Slapping The Back of My Head?

Have you ever heard of the Bible study, JESUS IN THE GOSPELS?
It's a 30-week class involving disciplined reading, study, note-taking and prayer which focuses on the portraits of Jesus found in the four Gospels. We will also reach into the Apocrypha and the Old Testament for context understanding.

"Who is the Jesus I bring with me to this study?"...this is the question I am to answer now ... then, at the end of the study I will be asked to note "Who is the Jesus I will take out of this study?"

I'm excited to see the differences in my interpretations and God-incidences at the end of this lengthy study. Why have I signed myself up for such a long and rigorous study? In the past, I have taken Disciple 1, 2, 3 and 4--every time I honestly opened my heart, intentionally centered my mind and dug deep and searched my soul while studying His Word, He has given me rich, new understandings.

Even though this sounds wonderfully rosey, there have also been "uncomfortable times" when He has shown me where I need to change...
or better said,
"transformed" by His Holy Spirit through His Living Word...
transformed in things learned,
transformed in listening skills,
transformed in my heart to follow His nudgings,
or in my case,
slaps across the back of my head...
you know like Jethro Gibbs, aka Mark Harmon, does on NCIS --when he gets frustrated with his subordinates and REALLY needs to get their attention. (Now I don't condone physical abuse, but I wanted to get my point across about how my head feels when I finally GET what God has been trying to tell me in His Word in my quiet time.)
Plus, I just love Mark Harmon and thought it would be nice to see him in my blog...
can you tell I'm a child of the 70's and 80's...
Were you as crushed as I was when he married Pam Dawber?
Back to the important stuff...

Have you ever taken this course?
If so, leave me a note with your God-incidences and your interpretation of this study...
How were you transformed...or how did God slap you on the back of the head? lovingly, of course : )


elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Not familiar with it, but I do know that anytime spent in the study of God always yields transforming. I know that God will grow you through your obedience, even when it doesn't feel good or receives an uncomfortable "slap." I've had so many light bulb moments through the past few years and found myself wondering...

Duhhh. What took so long, elaine? Often, it grieves my heart that is has taken so long.

Have a great day. I'll tell you again...I love the colors on this blog!


2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Of course, since I'm me, I can't contribute anything constructive because I've never taken the course, but I say, good for you. I CAN say that Mark Harmon was awesome. Do you remember him on St. Elsewhere? And sometimes I picture God flicking us on the foreheads with his fingers to get our attention. You are not alone.

Sweetie said...

I have never taken this course. My mother always told me to pray for strength to get through things. I think that is one of the wisest lessons that she taught me - especially with the loss of our beautiful daughter. I know you understand.

Please take the Smile Award and pass it on.


nannykim said...

Hi--you asked about the picture on my header. Yes I did take the picture. It was taken this summer when my family was spending a week on Ocracoke Island (a barrier island off the NC coast). You are welcome to copy it. It is one of the most relaxing places I have been.

I haven't taken the Bible Study you mentioned. It looks so interesting; you will have to tell us how you like it. Some of my friends have taken all of the Disciple courses. I do find that any Bible Study God uses to draw me closer and to stir my heart. I do have trouble with lengthly ones, just because things come up and you miss some etc. I usually am involved in 11 or 12 week studies. The one you mentioned sounds like it really focuses on Jesus which (oddly enough) many studies do not do! I have been in many studies over the years and find I still am asking, "How would Jesus react in this situation...what would He do"--I know it has become a trite saying, what would Jesus do. BUT I keep coming back to this. So many times He lived and did things so contrary to the way we assume Christians should do or be---his ministry to those that were so far away from the religious institutions of the the prostitutes, tax collectors, Samaratan Woman, and women in general, to lepers, ....the way he let them touch Him etc. The way he could totally know a person and know exactly what their spiritual need was...I am always amazed by such a God ...I wish that the Holy Spirit's power would so be upon me that I could have the insight to know how to react and handle each situation and live the way I should...BUT I find many times I completely fail or am so confused by a situation. Yet there is much beauty in learning to walk with God inspite of the struggles. Well, enough ,,,have a blessed weekend.

a portland granny said...

Thank you for visiting my website. How did you happen upon my spot?

Your Bible study sounds like a great one. I did a Precepts study of Mark a couple of years ago. It was great.

You mentioned an Emmaus walk. I am not familiar with that. What is it? The name sounds interesting.

Thanks for visiting my posts.