Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Right in Your Eyes

It was a busy weekend...I'm tired!
Lord, committing this time to be in Your Word, You will rejuvenate me, please.
Even you, Lord, grew tired... John 4:5-6 "So he came to a town in Samaria called Sychar...Jacob's well was there; and Jesus, tired as he was from the journey, sat down by the well. It was about the sixth hour. "

  • This would have been around midnight.
  • He had WALKED from Judea, which is southern most Israel, to Sychar, which is in central Israel, so this would have taken him about 2 days!
  • I traveled in a vehicle at 70 miles an hour during six 100-mile trips--I didn't walk.

While study the word "tired" You told me in Isaiah 40: 30-31 "Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. " Things it brought to mind:

  • My bones are getting older, and I get comfort in knowing "even" youths grow tired and weary--it's not just us "old" people.
  • Speaking of stumbling, I fell in the driveway last Thursday night and RATTLED every bone in my body, feeling like I had run my hands across a grater and jamming my right knee up into my hip. I'm sure it would have made a pretty picture as I went sprawling down onto the concrete driveway!...thank goodness it was at 10pm and dark outside. But I did feel like a first grader running into the house having my hubby "look at it" 'cause I was scared to...I just knew I had split my knee open and taken off the palms of my hands. But, God was good to me and I was just "stove up" for a couple of days (while I drove).

As my last learning point today from "tired", You showed me 2Thess 3:13 "And as for you, brothers, never tire of doing what is right."

  • I could have stayed home this past weekend and not "chauffeured" my Mom around East Alabama and West Georgia...but it wouldn't have been the right thing. Helping her in this small way gave me BIG blessings...seeing the looks on her face as she hugged and talked with her brothers and sisters-in-law...hearing them laugh about old times while we drove in the car through the country roads and on many highways...making pictures with nieces, nephews, new grand kids...things we couldn't have done if we hadn't made the trip.

  • How many times has my Mother done things for me when she would have rather been doing something different? They are too numerous to list because my Mother has always been a giving, sacrificial Mother that I am blessed to have, and I'm thankful for every moment I get to spend with her, pray with her, sing with her, love our family with her.

  • Yes, Lord, You have rejuvenated me by seeing what is right in Your eyes!!