Friday, September 5, 2008

"HER"OPAUSE...'cause men don't have it

  • sit down, fan on; stand up, fan on; lay down, fan on ... see the pattern?

    • my car's air conditioner is set at 68 degrees...yet still I glisten

    • if there really were as many sheep as I've counted when I can't sleep, there would be no room for people on our planet

    • up to 10--number of times I've put my coffee cup in microwave to re-heat it and found it hours later when cooking dinner

    • used to keep the catsup in the why did I find it in the freezer?!?
    • my head has bruises, my shoulders have scratches, my pinky fingers have bumps from banging, and my little piggy toes are lucky they've not be knocked off--all of which continue colliding with the doorframes

    • expect "Hey Big Spender" to start playing any moment now..."stripping " has become a daily event

      wore my shorts backwards to a friend's house, the market, the gas station and then DH asked if I had run into anyone while running my errands

    • exercise has increased--climbing the stairs, again and again--to get "it", never can remember what "it" is

    • missed the exit off the highway, again...I do know how to get home, I do know how to get home, I do know how to get home

    • picking things up; dropping them; picking things up; dropping them; picking things up, dropping them...another pattern

    • laughin' so I don't cry...