Friday, September 5, 2008

"HER"OPAUSE...'cause men don't have it

  • sit down, fan on; stand up, fan on; lay down, fan on ... see the pattern?

    • my car's air conditioner is set at 68 degrees...yet still I glisten

    • if there really were as many sheep as I've counted when I can't sleep, there would be no room for people on our planet

    • up to 10--number of times I've put my coffee cup in microwave to re-heat it and found it hours later when cooking dinner

    • used to keep the catsup in the why did I find it in the freezer?!?
    • my head has bruises, my shoulders have scratches, my pinky fingers have bumps from banging, and my little piggy toes are lucky they've not be knocked off--all of which continue colliding with the doorframes

    • expect "Hey Big Spender" to start playing any moment now..."stripping " has become a daily event

      wore my shorts backwards to a friend's house, the market, the gas station and then DH asked if I had run into anyone while running my errands

    • exercise has increased--climbing the stairs, again and again--to get "it", never can remember what "it" is

    • missed the exit off the highway, again...I do know how to get home, I do know how to get home, I do know how to get home

    • picking things up; dropping them; picking things up; dropping them; picking things up, dropping them...another pattern

    • laughin' so I don't cry...


    2nd Cup of Coffee said...

    OHMYGOSH! That is HILARIOUS! You know I can relate! And thanks for the sympathy vote for Zoe!

    Mary said...

    Pretty funny! Well, I'm waaaay past this time of life but some of the things remain through life. . such as forgetting the coffee cup in the microwave, missing an exit, sleep problems. . and more things all along the way. .

    I just wanted you to know that I have been watching the weather and pray that the storm will not hit as hard as Gustav did in LA. Keep us posted. .


    white o'morn cottage said...

    Hee hee! So true...that's why I call it the Mentalpause!

    Deborah said...

    That was so funny! and so true! I especially relate to heating up my coffee and forgetting it! Too bad we can't transfuse some of these hormones into men...even for one day!

    Kathi said...

    Oh my goodness. I'm just beginning! This was very funny. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Please come again. Are you related to any other bloggers, like daughters or sisters? My sister Sharon and I are the only two so far in our family with blogs. Sharon's is Rose of Sharon May.

    Have a lovely day. Your blog is inspiring. Kathi