Thursday, September 11, 2008


To the right in my margin, there's a link to a recent one of our heroes who knows of what he speaks. Please watch it...

How would you address our candidates if you had the opportunity?
I pray we all take VERY SERIOUSLY the issues we have as a country, take VERY SERIOUSLY our freedom to VOTE, and read, listen, talk, and make an INFORMED decision when you get to your polling place in November.

Lord, I thank you for our men and women who sacrifice time with their families voluntarily,
who have lost limb and life for their nation.
In turn we're able to freely walk, worship, work and care for our own and others around the world because of our FREE enterprise system.
Forgive us for not giving You our whole hearts.
Remember us as we seek your forgiveness, your salvation, your sanctification of us as we grow and learn more about You.
Thank you for our strong leaders who have held steadfast in our past and I pray we have the courage to put the right people in office in Washington,
by showing up at the polls and voting. May our future leaders continue our legacy of right, truth and compassion for our own people and people of the world, Your world. Amen