Thursday, April 2, 2009

30X5@2ndCup...EVERDAY Epiphanies & FUTURE GIVEAWAY

HOW WAS "WEEK ONE" OF THE 30 x 5 CHALLENGE?? Yes, it really has been only 1 week...Liddie challenged us to answer a few things and post about it. BE STILL & KNOW and I got ours in after lunch today...mine was: 5 miles/bike, 15-min/uphill elliptical, upper body free weights :) Having a work-out partner is the best way I've found to get this done...we count on each other and threaten bodily harm if we don't get our workouts in...unless, of course, we get a hankerin' for a cup of java, and that's gonna win out at that particular moment. You see, sometimes that java helps with those crabby moments when I'm deciding to workout...but once I'm done huffing and puffing, I really do feel BETTER!

Woo-to-the-hoo, as Liddie would say (I'm not having to buy new shorts for the beach trip with the youth group!! I'm back in my smaller blue-jean shorts from last year! )

Guess I shouldn't talk about what I encountered yesterday in the store rhyming with "COALS"... getting my workout trying on *bathing suits* (sorry, I had to whisper the bad word, as I was typing it. Some one-piece suits worked on the top but didn't work on the bottom and vice-verse...Now tell me, "Who has ever heard of having a swimsuit altered!"...looks like I may have to go to the seamstress.

BS&K (BeStill&Know) and I are in for the long-haul and beyond...(where Buzz when you need a loudly yelled, "To infinity and beyond!?")...oh, yeah, you said two weeks, whew!

Thanks goes out to those sweet challengettes (see that name sounds petite, doesn't it?! So, that's what I'm calling us from now on...) Anyway, several of those little darlin's left me encouragement by using extra calories to type a note...comments are golden on a day when the elliptical has thrown you off or the refrigerator keeps yelling my name from the other end of the room or in my sleep.

Do YOU think Adam Lambert looks like Kurt/Elvis? I KNEW YOU'D GET AROUND TO MENTIONING HIM SOMETIME...I blogged about him back in March...YES, HE WOULD BE A GOOD ELVIS STAND-IN.

Liddie asked us about any other goals--You mean like trying to lose this other half of the person that has grown into my body over the last 5 years...the evil one who snuck up from behind me and invaded me through my ears or up my nose??!! After she invaded, the mirrors in my house had become smaller each time I looked into them. She even kept me from being able to bend over and tie my shoes the normal you have an extra buddy who has invaded your body?...I'm ready to get rid of her and her pounds!!

While working hard to stick to my "once-again-new-lifestyle", my favorite "good snack" is GeniSoy cheddar soy chips and Pace mild salsa...I take me a "Mexican Riviera" vacation every time I pop one of those in my mouth...1/2 serving is 8 chips and I get credit for the veggies...can't beat that!!

Are you glad you took this challenge? I am!! ...'cause misery loves company', isn't that what they say?! (who is they, anyway) ,'s fun sharing ideas and bumping up the dares!

My "moving" entails various pieces of equipment in my "dungeon"...each reminding me of some kind of medieval torture done by the kings of's a glimpse of where and what BS&K and I joyfully, energetically, excitedly trudge down my steps to, defeat and overcome!:

From Movies

Can't leave on a negative dungeon reference (and to join with Beverly, who's hosting EVERYDAY EPIPHANIES...)

We Say / God Says:

'It's impossible' All things are possible (Luke 18:27)
'I'm too tired' I will give you rest (Matt.11:28-30)
'I can't go on' My grace is sufficient (II Corin. 12:9 & Psalm 91:15)
'I can't do it' I can do all things in Jesus, who strengthens me. (Phil. 4:13)
'I'm not able' I am able (II Corin. 9:8)
'It's not worth it' It will be worth it (Roman 8:2 )
'I can't manage' I wilBoldl supply all your needs (Phil. 4:19)

My next post will be my 200th!!

I'm going to do my first giveaway...still pondering what...maybe something from the beach retreat? coffee card? candle? Ben Gay for the "challengettes"? hhhhmmmm? Any ideas?