Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Joining on this really "peachy"-good idea...JUST 4 TODAY
...focusing on a few and ensuring completion! We are such a society of multi-tasking it's no wonder we have trouble focusing and completing our daily tasks (simple or difficult).

Today my first adventure lies in focusing on "small group discussions, activities" for our up-coming youth retreat (large group outlines, re-reading scriptures, surveying interaction ideas to get the kids talking).
Today's second adventure is in my shopping to pick up little giveaways (gum, candy, granola bars) ... I like surprising them with leaving things on their pillows, throwing it out during discussions and sometimes snacking on it myself :)

Today's third bullet on my list: working out...the elliptical is calling my name for 30x5...getting me into the "habit" again...Thanks, Liddie!!

...and finally, today's dinner won't cook itself ...unfortunately my nose hasn't learned that trick of "twitching my nose" or "folding my arms and bobbing my head" making things "magically" appear...so I must choose a "lighter" fare and cook it. I am excited because I just got my new Weight Watchers Take 5 cookbook in the mail...gonna try out their ideas!

Have a great day...I'm off to accomplish...