Sunday, May 17, 2009

PROJECT 365 & iSing'09

Continuing Project 365 with Sara

Earlier this week

we enjoyed our yearly chorus show...

it was actually Saturday night, 5/9/09, but close enough.

I've been busy with "senior stuff" this week and hadn't had a chance to post it.
(kidding around between numbers)

and dd sang in a trio!


they sang "ONLY HOPE"...
they hit all their hard
harmony sections, woo hoo!!!

I'm so eager to see and hear
the DVD that was professionally recorded.
She also sand/danced during the "junior/senior combined" numbers...

needless to say...they ENJOYED it and so did WE!

sorry the quality isn't so great...

let me know if you can see them...especially those who are friends of the family and don't usually leave me a message ;)