Saturday, May 9, 2009


Life's speeding along...
"weaving in and out" on the highway heading toward tomorrow...
making me nervous as it changes lanes.  

My discomfort comes with the "speed of the changes"...

You know, like when a 17-year-old overtakes a lane without a blinker, suddenly causing the passengers to slide up against the door abruptly, now realizing they're in a new lane.  

(Thank goodness people keep their hair cut short because that move would normally cause people to pull their hair out!...Finding they hadn't hit anyone, they would catch their breath and reprimand said 17 year old's actions
 as their teeth became firmly embedded in their lower lip!)

Speedy changes taking a straight route--Did Christmas crash in on you like it did me?? an accelerating, run-away grocery cart!  Surely there was a glitch in time--Christmas was here and done quicker than any previous years!  

Zooming through and passed the holidays, then my surprise 50th birthday party slammed into me and wouldn't let me avoid the "getting older" road signs.

Goodness, I've never seen such a huge, 
written-in-icing "50"  on my cake.  
It was"delish" by the way!
(love you, BeStill&Know!)

Even this year's Spring Break came and went 
like a teen heading for a "*bucks" for a grande
skinny, mocha chip, fast, fast! 
Yep, they were fast, like:
  • a brisk walk @5.5 feet/, like:
  • an Olympic sprinter@22, more like:
  • a Boeing 747's cruising speed@650, even more like:
  • a space shuttle  re-entering the atmosphere@17,500, exactly like;
  • the average orbital speed of Earth@66,623 mph--yep, that's how fast! (These are actual speeds of things per Wikipedia)

  • Then, there's the "laser-esque" changes being made by leaders in Washington...some days it takes my breath away--like that 17yo, lane-change thing again!

    This is NOT the first time in history a leader has addressed CHANGE.  

    There was once a President who welcomed change...but he was concerned about speed in a different way--a much, different way.  

    Read his inaugural address snippet below and see if you get out of what I did--sounds like he thought about "pulling over into the emergency lane" and stopping to ponder the options...not like some who have knee-jerking reactions for the sake of CHANGE.  

    March 14, 1861
    A "snippet" of President Lincoln's Inauguration Address 
    Nothing valuable can be lost by taking time.  If there be an object to hurry any of you in hot haste to a step which you would never take deliberately, that object will be frustrated by taking time; but no good object can be frustrated by it. 

    Intelligence, patriotism, Christianity, and a firm reliance on Him, who has never yet forsaken this favored land, are still competent to adjust in the best way all our present difficulty.

    President Lincoln's Bible was used for the inauguration ceremony this past January--wonder if Abe's speech was read by this year's speech writers.