Friday, January 22, 2010


AFTER MICRO DUSTING AND VACUUMING ALL THE SURFACES TODAY,I was STRUGGLING WITH 'Finding the Beauty' in the chores I do mechanically.

CHORES THAT SEEM trivial, unrewarding, tedious, dirty, and they make you feed that way?

But, here are some valuable lessons correlating with the spiritual side of my life:

Top To Bottom...Mother taught me to clean a room from the top down (ceiling or the top of whatever surface to the bottom...surfaces should be touched only once; drips can be cleaned once; dusting won't have to be re-done).
You know, THIS ALSO APPLIES TO me WITH CLEANING my SPIRITUAL BODY...wash out those bad-influenced sights/thoughts with the Word of the Lord, starting in the brain...let His Words sink into my synapses...then they can be stored and pondered in my heart.

Secondly...dry cleaning/dusting with a cloth are done before changing to wet cleaning.
Oh, my mind may have cobwebs stubbornly hanging on...then the Holy Spirit convicts my heart, the cleansing tears begin to flow and I can wipe away some of the issues with tissues.

Finally, after my cleaning is completed, I must put my supplies away (where I can quickly retrieve them).
Bible study tools should also be kept ready for my next needy time...for the next SPEED-clean of an attitude, for helping calm a friend, or to help find words for a special prayer request.

His Word cleanses LIKE NO OTHER. I'll try to continue to find the beauty in my housework...even on those days they feel trivial and mind will be in a better place while I'm 'doing for me and my family'.

What about you?

Ezekiel 44:10
"...From now on they'll do only the menial work in the Sanctuary: guard the gates and help out with the Temple chores..."



Jeanne said...

Beautiful post. Love the way you tied things together.

My Crafty Little Page said...

Nice metaphors. Hey - your vacuum cleaner IS a thing of beauty! Mine is about 100 yrs old. LOL Have a beautiful, blessed evening. :)Nancy

Nel said...

Very nicely put! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

until next time... nel

Porch Days said...

That looks like some super duper vacuum cleaner! It must make the cleaning go faster.

Terri Smith said...

I just read the sweetest comment from you over at my new blog..this is Terri Smith from Dimples & Dragonflies. Thank you for your kind words and thoughtfulness. I came over directly afterwards and joined your site. Please visit me studio door is always opened. May blessings, peace and sunshine follow you always, Terri

ellen b. said...

I enjoyed your post! I could relate all the way around being a former Housecleaner and knowing how the mind is so key in Spiritual cleansing :0)
Have a great weekend...

grey like snuffie said...

Great post...I'm not organized in my cleaning at all...but when I can see a difference when I take a swipe with a dust rag it's exhilirating. Great analogies of cleaning our spirits to go along with your house cleaning! well done! Hope you have a grand weekend!

sara said...

thx for this I am about to set out on my house chores. I will be thinking about them differently!

Mocha with Linda said...

Wow - that's a great analogy!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Good reminders and a wonderful way to be thankful for even the most routine taskis in life.