Thursday, January 7, 2010

THANKFUL THURSDAY...thankful indeed!

Joining Sonya and group for the 59th Thankful Thursday...
Today is especially thankful for our family...and we're THANKFUL INDEED...
My hubby's nephew completed his LAST Combat Patrol Sunday!! wooo hooo!!!! (We celebrate with his mom and dad in knowing they're done and out of harm's way, per se)
Thank you, bloggers, for keeping him in your prayers to our Lord Jesus, who has been and will continue to protect he and his platoon...they've been working together since last April.
Please continue special prayers for the four men and their families who sacrificed EVERYTHING during their time fighting for the continued freedom of the people in that region and in our country's participation for growing their independence. They will be forever missed and forever remembered!


His dedication to freedom was intentional and voluntary.

This past Sunday his commander awarded him a 'Bronze Star Medal' for Meritorious Service and his 'Gold Spurs' for leading a Cav Scout Platoon in combat! May God continue to bless him and his platoon until they're ALL back home safely.

We're eager for your feet to hit American soil, Lieutenant!