Sunday, January 17, 2010

PROJECT 365 / WK 3

Reiterating WHAT SARA SAID to those in Project 365...

"This is a wonderful community and having done this for one year already, I know encouragement helps in staying with it!"

Believing COMMENTS are an important part of this world-sharing adventure, I'd LOVE to hear from you.

Sara went further to pose a challenge to us..."give one piece of advice to those 'just starting' this adventure".

My advice: DON'T over-pressure yourself to take a shot EVERY least one or two a week is sometimes my norm, but it still helps me make some effort toward noting how the week has been, good or bad.


Sunday, 1/10: Our youth group/church said 'see ya later' to one of their Asst. Youth Director mentors...agape gifts for future missions, a completed prayer shawl, a book of youth letters and a send-off prayer while 'laying on hands' ... WE LOVE HER SO MUCH and will work hard to stay in touch as she works in another church many states away from here...sniff, sniff!!2010-01-10

Monday, 1/11 (no pics today)

Tuesday, 1/12:

prepared my outline for our Disciple III class this week...

it does not pay to EVER procrastinate getting this done.

Wednesday, 1/13 & Thursday, 1/14 (no pics)

Friday, 1/15:

While walking through the foyer on my way up with the laundry basket, I noticed a visitor outside my front door.

Can you see him through the sidelite?

He was catching some rays while sheltered from the wind by the bushes on either side of the porch. His fur was all puffed up as he crouched down on all fours.


Saturday, 1/16:

Had a chance to get some bright green kale at the grocery for $1.29/lb

I pounced on that and cooked them down today with some bacon and salt water...yummo!

...and look, on another trip up the stairs with today's load of clothes...

we had ANOTHER little visitor.

He was REALLY little, can you see him behind the iron railing?

The lower pics get you close enough to see him.

The chipmunks love to dig in my cement planters where I currently have purple cabbage plants. They bury nuts there, along with the squirrels.


Hope you have a wonderful WEEK 4 of 2010 :)

Come again...anytime!