Sunday, January 24, 2010


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Let it be known I HATE a certain photograph software...

it begins with a "K"...

it has been a pain ever since I installed in on my computer...

to say I'm frustrated is a GROSS understatement.

I have six pictures saved to my 365 file--I promise you, they are there...and 'something' will NOT let me insert them into today's post. Back and forth I went from file to post...NOTHING...I WILL NEVER buy another K* camera, EVER! NEVER!!

I'll try again next week...I had the following pics that K* shows in my file but WLWriter can't see...(can you see steam coming OUT of my ears??):

  • dd doing her OWN laundry...four loads last weekend, I think.
  • where BS&K and I had lunch on ZALADs are AWESOME.
  • a gorgeous sunset of pinks, blues and purples sparkling through the limbs of my bare river birch tree
  • enjoying reading through 1,001 Things A TEEN Should Know Before Leaving Home (or Else They'll Come Back)
  • a WET Lady Liberty,on the street corner, holding an "INCOME TAX 678-985-xxxx" sign as she danced, jumped up and down, and shimmied as locals drove by in their cars. Do you have as many of these as we have on our local streets?

So, I'll be enjoying others' posting on 365 BECAUSE my pics didn't want to come out and play...lazy bums...slumbering like a KoDiAK their own little 'never-never land'!!!!!!!!


Kim said...

Pobrecita! I hope you can find a young'n who can help you figure out how to get the software to work. I don't know what I'd do without my techy son :-)

Just post 'em next week, along with this coming week's photos. I've had to do two weeks once or twice when we didn't have internet on Sundays.

Have a wonderful week Jubisista!

Andrea said...

So sorry your pictures are not co operating.
Hugs, andrea

LuAnn said...

Sorry this is happening to you. How frustrating !!!!

Mocha with Linda said...

So sorry about the pics, but you sure made it funny!

Cathy said...

So sorry your pictures didn't work. That can be so frustrating. Hope you get it fixed soon.

sara said...

I have such a love/hate relationship with technology!!! But it sounds like you had GREAT pictures!!!

get that kid of yours to figure it out! ha!

Abiding Branch said...

I'm so sorry your software is so icky. I'm having the same issues with IE. hmmmm
But I am following now :). I pray next week is better for your software.

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Technical Issues = you know who

I hope you get it figured out, they make me nuts!


Rebecca Jo said...

Oh man... nothing can aggravate more then having computer "issues"... hopefully it'll all get worked out - or you at least dont put your foot through your computer screen! :)

Lori at The Davidson Den said...

There's not much worse than technical difficulties.

Lisa said...

Yes, frustration. Especially when it ends up being a big time waster.

So can you give us a couple highlights of what a kid needs to know before leaving home?

So thrilled to see that your guy is back on US soil! My brother should be back in April