Tuesday, March 23, 2010


On March 6 I had a Saturday Giveaway opportunity...and the drawing was supposed to have been on Sunday night 3/14/10. Just wanted to say "I'm sorry" and ask you forgiveness in NOT getting the giveaway handled(due to many reasons, let me just say).

Finally, today the names of those who posted from 3/6/2010-3/14/2010 were added into random.org so WE HAVE A WINNER. The top name after hitting the random order number button,

There were 48 items in your list. Here they are in random order:
Chari@HappyToDesign Timestamp: 2010-03-23 18:23:23 UTC...

so, Chari, send your 'snail mail' name and address to me at Skoots1Mom@gmail.com and it will be on its way to you!


One such giveaway is for BERTIE...the below blender.
Kacey and Francesca are eager to hear our stories about birthdays, parties and the like giving reasons we would like to have BERTIE come live at our house.

Well, I would so love for Bertie to come live at my house...so I can give my current mixer to someone who doesn't mind a noisy kitchen.

Hubby 'kinda' listened and bought me a stand mixer one Christmas...hhmmm.

I've STRUGGLED to MAKE IT into a Kitchenaide...but, a Kitchenaide it ain't. It is certainly an IT.

IT's bowl truly holds onto the base but when I need to remove it for cleaning, IT hangs onto the base as if I'm going to torture it with my dish detergent and scrubby...."No, you can't make me go!", IT screams.

IT also roars like a lion when on LOW (I've not been brave enough to put it on HIGH, IT might might fly off the base and out through the roof off like a jet engine...or IT might report me to the Department of Family and Mixer Services for unfair labor in my kitchen.).

Finally, it's WHITE...I like white, really...but, everything in my kitchen is either stainless or black ("but it was a GOOD deal"...so he said)

Oh, Bertie, I long for your saying "adios" to Francesca and Kacey, long for our times together bidding "so long" to IT and llong to form a lasting relationship while we mix, whip, knead, and cream our combined talents creating tasty treats for my family and all those who will want to meet you!

Jer. 33:3
"Call to me and I will answer you
and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know."


Down On The Farm said...

I have a KitchenAid and I LOVE IT!!! Yes, they are expensive, but I got mine on sale, PLUS I had a 20% off coupon. I will have it forever! Make it your birthday, anniversary, mother's day present! You really would love one!

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hello my friend...

Ohhh...I came over just as soon as I read your sweet note! Ohhh my...I won...I WON!!! I'm so excited, dear lady...I just adore this beautiful apron!!! Thank you sooo very much! I'm so sorry to hear that you've been sick...I do hope that you're feeling better now! Girlfriend...no worries...sometimes life just gets in the way of our blogging! Hehe! I will include my email...and if it's not to much of an inconvenience to ask you to email me! I will get back with you when I hear from you with my address. Thank you sooo much!!!

I am also sending best wishes to you...I do hope that you win Bertie and that she gets to come live with you! She sure is a beauty!!! I would offer to pray about this...but is that fair? Hehe! The Lord is good!!!

Well dear lady, have a fabulous day! Your news just made mine!!!

Chari @Happy To Design
My email is; chari800@yahoo.com

Andrea said...

We use my husbands "grandmother's" mixer from over 75 years ago. It is a sunbeam...we love it and we love it's history.
Hugs, andrea