Thursday, March 11, 2010


I'll be away for a few days and wanted to go ahead and get mine up...

A new meme!!!!
Taking a look back over at MOCHA w/ Linda
We'll be sharing a specific event seeing how similar - or different - we have been.

How and when did you learn to drive?
1974...The beginning of my journey down the 'driving' trail.
My parents required my attending Driver's Education @ a neighboring high school that summer. Four Saturdays in the classroom and 3 sessions driving in the car with a very-large, angry-looking man...reminded me of a Marine drill sargent...when he spoke YOU DID IT.

Here's what he was like: Once after mistakenly putting on my brake at the bottom of an expressway entrance ramp, he exploded...sliding across the bench seat, pushing me up against the driver's door and stomping on the accelerator like a handkerchief-wrapped wine glass forgotten. GEEZ, scared the patooty out of me, for sure! BUT...I passed the class with flying colors, thankfully.

The BLUE BEHEMOTH, like the above1965 Chevrolet Apache sidestep, short-bed truck with 3 on the column, was the vehicle to be conquered before Daddy would let me drive the family's NICE car (an Oldsmobile).

This wonderful "beauty" would get CAUGHT in 2nd gear...requiring me to put it in park, pop the hood and jiggle the gear shaft until it released...I KID YOU NOT.

I was SO know...that 15-yo perspective on WHO ALL is watching ME! Daddy was adamant my skills with a clutch would be phenomenal before having the car as my ride.

Do you have any particular memories associated with getting your driver license?
You know, I don't even remember going to get'd think such a huge time in my life would remain in my memory, but NOPE.

How old were you when you got your first car and what was it? Who paid for it?

Being 18 years old and having completed my senior year, Mom convinced Daddy (since Mom's car had been the only car available for my part-time job) I needed to have a car for driving to my full-time job over the summer before starting college. Go, Mom!! Here's a pic of what I got for $800...half my money, half Daddy's. Hey, it even had air conditioning!

Jer. 33:3 "Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know." Blessings,