Monday, March 1, 2010


Be Still and KnowFIRST,TALES OF THE TCKK FAMILY is hosting the fun carnival “I won... You win" ...a traveling book carnival, started by none other than Robin at Be Still and Know. I've signed up, and hope to get the book next :)

SECOND, Our 90-day journey continues...
  • God's steadfastness, even with punishing David, touched was even part of our study yesterday at youth...more wasn't luck.
  • Solomon's corruption reminded me of people today
  • Man always has to "change it up"...he kings in this region have been no different

One must be careful when "wanting a king"...many speak a big game but are really blind. God's plans throughout this period of time didn't seem that He was very involved to the "non-Jewish" kings' kingdoms (In reality, how could He have been, they were believing in other gods and thought THEY were in control.)

What might happen if political leaders put God in control? My prayers go up daily for our leaders' hearts and minds be influence not only BY THEIR CONSTITUENCY's input but also firm morals and teachings from their own faith walks.

This week's application to my life? PRAYING God continually opens my ears to hear the "prophets around me" who may be bringing me God's perspective as Nathan brought to David.

Are you more focused on God being a God of Grace or a God of consequences? At this point it tends to bring me to understanding GOD never changes, his consequences are His decision and His being in control can make me uncomfortable but certainly teach us and give us wonderful assurance of His strength...even when we DON'T UNDERSTAND His plan at the moment.

WOOHOO to being past the half way point in the Old Testament!!! Hang in their everyboday! Striving to get ahead again, maybe tonight I can read what I missed yesterday. Thanks for your prayers...this week's verses are noted to the right.


In order to better wrap my head around DD heading for college soon, I bought and am reading a small book entitled "1001 THINGS EVERY TEEN SHOULD KNOW BEFORE THEY LEAVE HOME (OR ELSE THEY'LL COME BACK)" by Harry H. Harrison, Jr.

His back cover CAUGHT my attention: "...studies indicate a full 50 percent will move back home in five or six years."


Does this mean 50 percent of the parents aren't teaching them along the way to adulthood?...maybe the kids are not listening to what's being taught?

...maybe we've GIVEN them too much and not TAUGHT them how to BE WITHOUT ?

...have we attached enough REAL responsibility with consequences?

Here are a few "paraphrased" items to reiterate, write on her mirror, emblazon on her brain, make it taste good so she can digest it into her body to better understand reality...

  • college is hard, time consuming and just a warm up for life.
  • comparing yourself to anyone is comparing God's handiwork
  • it's impossible to learn while talking
  • graduating college without having earned any money may point to terminal laziness
  • never planning ahead, "going with the flow", usually means "going down the drain".
  • successful college students study sitting up(not lying down) at a desk(not in a bed) with the lights on (not off) and for extended periods of time (not during commercials).
  • good manners stun people...favor, promotions and recommendations follow.

Maybe I'll cover a few more of these on another post by "situation"...In the meantime, will you excuse me? I have to find the dry erase marker so the mirror will have some wisdom before she gets home from school, maybe i'll write some on her car windows, too! hee hee

What wisdom can you share before our kids are OUT FROM UNDER us?