Wednesday, June 15, 2011

WEDNESDAY HODGEPODGE...week 31: onions, bugs and tans

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1. My one thing on my bucket list...the END of 'meany pause'...seriously.

2. The makings of a good dad is layered like an in Shrek...hahahah! 
A heart truly centered on His Lord,
a strength as a leader who serves his Lord, family and those in the world, and a mind centered in The Word while giving and receiving love.

3. Afraid isn't really my word regarding insects for me, I'm more like 'disgusted' when they find me.

Stepping on them, hitting them with something or sucking them up in the vacuum is NO PROBLEM for me. 

They must have some meaning, but I don't fear we'll ever be without them. 

Silverfish and palmetto bugs gross me out THE MOST.

4. When we're barbecuing...90 percent of the time it will be pork ribs or chops. 

Hubs has a 'beef allergy' so my days of t-bone steaks are reserved for days when I'm cooking or dining alone. 

I especially LOVE charred pineapple slices, tomatoes, and asparagus grilled.

5. Playing vs. Winning is a wrong this or that in my mind...what motivation can be guided without a want of winning? 

I was never a fan of giving EVERYONE on a team a trophy...a false sense of self esteem carries a lot of confusion later in life. 

Isn't it as important to learn how to lose as it is to learn how to win?  And maybe even MOST important to learn to lose.  Life will NOT always be a WINNING outcome.  

There are improper ways to celebrate each of these two instances.
Playing vs. Non-playing...playing is the way to go.
Winning vs. Losing...respectfully and humbly embraced, either way can endure the outcome and properly appreciate relationships over cut-throat competition.

6. A tan...something I've NEVER been capable of having on my own.
This should be on my bucket list...a REAL tan, on my peaches-n-cream skin, without my having to lather myself with half the bottle of spray-on protectant or spray-on tanner. 

Pale is my skin's choice, not mine...the stuff that makes one tan is just NOT in me.  Therefore, this will be #2 after 'meany pause'. 

Spray on tans aren't too bad, but I don't like their smell or to have to clean the shower once I've applied them...hahaha, my shower has a better tan than I do.

7. Five years ago I would never imagine that today I would...
...crave sitting next to my oscillating fan to endure my air conditioned home. able to upload pictures via my cell phone.

8. Insert your own random thought here.
I moved my bird feeder to a hanger that is secured to my large bay's driving the squirrels crazy!!!  hahahahah, simple things that make a me laugh are VERY important these days