Friday, March 21, 2008

Chariots!...In Lawrenceville???

There's a chariot in my garage...yes, a chariot.
The Latin Club is repairing its chariot to race at state convention in April.It's unique to have one close by especially on GOOD FRIDAY! Jesus was "up close and personal" with Roman soldiers during his trials and crucifixion.

He would have seen Roman soldiers, short togas covered with lorica (breastplates), galea (armor helmets stretching down over their noses), javelins or gladius(short swords), dirty sandals/"caligae" that wrapped up around ankles, like "sandal boots".

Our King was bludgeoned and crucified by the soldiers and generals in that elite army which often welcomed their victorious generals in a "godlike" manner with triumphus/elaborate processions. First came horn blowers and priests with pure white bulls for sacrifice to take place. Next came the booty and spoils from battle, chained captives. Immediately following came the soldiers in parade dress, followed by the victorious general--gilded shoes and purple tunica palmata embroidered with gold. His chariot was gilded in gold and pulled by 4 horses--he carried a small ivory scepter topped with the image of an eagle and wore a crown of laurel leaves...with a public slave standing behind him.
(Christ didn't get a triumphant procession or a purple tunica, or a crown of laurel leaves...he drug his own cross up to Golgotha, stripped of his robe and crowned with stabbing thorns while those watching shouted, "CRUCIFY HIM!")

I'm glad I don't have any Roman soldiers or generals in my garage!! But I'd be honored to have Christ show up : )...I'd also like to see the faces of the teenagers if he did!