Tuesday, March 18, 2008


"Don't waste your suffering, don't let it pass;get out of it all you can,for yourself and for your service to your generation."

I'm impatient, not wanting to listen as others tell me experiences. But their experiences are golden! They calm my anxiety, show me how to share Christ's love in ALL situations.

Look for Christ in all your suffering--He is with us always...preveniently going before us, placing people in front of us for His purposes. His "modeling through suffering" is apparent before, during and after his crucifixion...a preface of our suffering in our lives for His sake. Doesn't He call us to take up our crosses and follow Him?

Tough times may be embarrassing, humbling, and often friends fall away during trials. (Remember, the disciples ran and hid when Christ was arrested and later crucified.) Charge on in with the actions Christ calls you to ... especially when our enemy uses "feelings" to shy us from sharing our past experiences--he knows our love for one another will give glory back to Christ!

Lord, remind me to help calm and comfort.
Go ahead of me, make my path straight, give me Your Words.

2 Cor. 1:6, 7
"If I am in distress, it is in the interests of your comfort,
which is effective as it nerves you to endure the same sufferings as I suffered myself.
Hence my hope for you is well-founded, since I know that as you share the sufferings,
you share the comfort also."