Sunday, March 30, 2008


If you weren't at church missed a BIG BLESSING!

The John presentation was very powerful…energetic, multiple changes in voice inflection, unbelievable memorization, movement to and fro, up high,down low, sharing his water with the poor choking woman in the front row. I couldn't imagine what his perspective from on top of that table standing in the chair must have been like...too scary.

At moments I was lost in the monologue and truly felt I was there in the moment, in Jerusalem, in the Garden, seeing each of the characters, coming alive in sight, sound and touch...He certainly made it into a personal experience for me. When he came and leaned in to my face, holding my forearm with his right hand as he leaned down looking deep into my eyes…I thought he was going to go nose to nose…intentional and very focused…and he said,

John 15:27
“And you also must testify, for you have been with me from the beginning."
… and then he was gone.

Since the beginning He knew me…it’s like what I wrote yesterday about CK’s birthday…He determined the time…He will not leave me…and He wants me testifying about Him…sharing His spirit…loving...not centering in but reaching out...loving, sharing...not complaining...loving, lifting someone else up that is down.

A few minutes after pondering his words to me, ..."Oh no, I was confirmed as an old woman, again!…you know, the part where he said,"with Him since the beginning" made me think of I look THAT OLD, for some reason now 49 doesn't sound so bad!
God's GLORY...His GLORY... with us tonight...
\o/ \o/ \o/
...and since the BEGINNING!