Sunday, April 20, 2008



Succeeded Brent, New
Learned names, Teens’ hearts opened
Building trust, devoted

Prayershare, Explosion
Togetherness in God’s Word, fellowship
Many homes hosted, always stood on chairs

December Third, his B’day
Calls galore, brownies, Peeps, Krystal, Starbuck's
Shared his day

Prepared weekly lessons, staff meetings
Bounced ideas, Nooma videos inspired
Mentor, guide, Pastor D

Collins Hill, Central, Mill Creek
Peachtree Ridge, GAC, Providence, Brookwood, too!
Lunch visits, high fives, big hugs

New worship service, then came Equate
Loving ALL teens, Christ’s compassion
Built Christ’s vision

January, betrothed here
"R", heart’s desire, soul mate
Whose name inspires smiles.

Gobbler, Super Bowl
Family Life Center, waiting tables, inflatable bouncing
Served plates, welcomed visitors

Laguna, Spiritual refuge
Love sheets, praised with “Less”
Bus caravan, unshackled souls slumbered

LAP, service
Lawrenceville neighbors saw God’s hands
TB, June 20, now experiencing Glory

Campground Tuesdays--Joy Class ruled
Thursdays-- skits, non-stop laughter
Fridays, tear-stained altars

AndEr, MerBen
AdCour, ErBlon, KathPet, helpmates
Honoring Jesus

In our hearts, forever!
To Mt. Bethel (NOT), our one-and-only, AlWhit
Still teaching, “It’s still about Christ and His teens”!

Written 3/22/08 (SuKirk)

Tweaked 4/20/08 "Welcome Back!"