Wednesday, April 2, 2008


So, there I was...pushing and pulling two carts out of, let's call it, WallyW...up to my eyeballs in canned soft drinks and water. (I had asked for a flatbed, or what they at WallyW call and "L" cart, and they were all "in use", of course.)
Maneuvering slowly, trying not to run over the 2 million unsupervised children that were running in front of me. Pushing with my feet on the bottom rung to help push it in to right direction rather than the direction the wheels wanted to go in. Oops, my purse fell over and out came all my pens, lipstick, breath mints went tumbling out onto the tile floor, rolling in several directions....QUICK, must stop...whoa! Too much inertia...easier said than done.

After picking up my many little things from the floor and securing everything down in between the drink cartons, I steady myself and lunge forward to re-establish my momentum. Good, now we're moving (and there's no one in my way, I believe I can make it through the sliding doors!!)

"Ma'am, I'll need to see your receipt"...oh, you've got to be's in my wallet, in my purse, under the drinks..."Ma'am, I'm sorry, it's policy, I have to check all receipts for anything NOT IN A BAG.

I wanted to raise my voice...yet I heard in my head from this morning's Bible Study..."this is one of those battles I was talking nice, keep your tongue still. So, I grabbed the carts tighter and pulled to a stop...dug down through the drinks and pulled out the receipt and handed it to the bearded man in the blue vest. I's his job.

So, for today's therapy, I thought I'd blog about my disgruntling moment, share it with my peeps, and see how many other stories could be out there about WallyW moments...Got any?

Oh, next time you're sure to have your receipt ready, if ITS NOT IN A BAG!


Sarah said...

oh my sister works for WallyW in customer service.... and if you knew her ... HAHAHAHAHA

She has stories, girl. Lots and lots of stories.

This is a good one... I was buying a shirt and it had lost the tag, was on the clearance rack, yada yada yada... the cashier looks at it. She has had a long day, I can tell. She says, "No tag. How about $3.00?" SOLD!!!

But I've had to do the very same thing as you.

skoots1mom said...

I'm intentionally taking the things to the counter with NO TAGS...that beats Good Will.

Mezzo Forte said...

Girl - I feel yer pain! That's why it's kinda handy to have that little feller in the buggy perched on the package of paper towel or toilet paper - I just hand him the receipt and he rides with his arm stuck waaaaaay out with the receipt dangling from his finger tips.

I also love it when the dingity dang "you're stealng something" buzzer goes off. Then EVERYONE looks and you have to back up and dig EVERYTHING out and try and figure out what the hanes underwear caused the alarm to go off. EESH!