Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Thank you, Jesus, for returning us home safely from SB'08...just wanted to capture a few thoughts while "down shifting" from the AWESOME weekend that words will not be able to correctly or fully describe.

...Saturday morning's drive was wet...littered with several wrecks along the way...Andrew asked for prayer as we drove by a flipped humvee. Andrew had checked--Eufala WAS having their antebellum festival (or whatever they call it) so we went another way through Enterprise, AL (we "yelled, Hail, Hail, home of Allen!" : ) ...then continued praying for safe travel.

Fearing a deluge of raindrops at the lunch rest stop; we were thankful when He gave us a reprieve--the clouds got thicker but the rain subsided as we piled 200 sub sandwiches, varied condiments, and chocolate chip cookies under the small pavilion. Stokes and Matthew slipped on gloves to help serve tomatoes, lettuce and pickles-- others directed them to drinks, napkins and cookies. Once we cleaned up and gave our leftovers to the caretaker staff at the rest stop, we returned to the buses...a few minutes later the rain emerged again.

Reaching the coast, we crossed over the inter-coastal waterway and the kids began to squeal...I was on one of the buses with lots of 6th graders. Within just a few minutes we were turning on a side street, heading down Kelly with Laguna Christian Center in sight. There in the afternoon drizzle stood Allen, in his khaki-beige cargo shorts, flip flops and his red windbreaker, hood up, filming us as we pulled into Laguna's alley way. He was eager to greet us and capture the moment...he reminded me of Paul anticipating the return of his disciples.

The light showers ensured quick exits from the bus as sleepy students and stiff counselors snatched overnight bags, heavy drink coolers and cumbersome carry-ons from the belly of the mammoth buses, peeling off in every direction seeking cover. Wet, but safe.

(More later...my eyes won't stay open)