Thursday, April 17, 2008


So many things in today's STREAMS IN THE DESERT touched further on the "quick fix" that BE STILL & KNOW wrote about today. (Mrs. Charles Cowman...paraphrased from the entire article).

A beautiful grain of corn--broken up in the earth--dead, its inner heart sprouts forth--bears hundreds of other grains.

On and on, all through history, and all spiritual life, God must have BROKEN THINGS.

Broken in wealth, Broken in self-will, Broken in ambitions, Broken in beautiful ideals, Broken in worldly reputation, Broken in affections, Broken in health; those despised, utterly forlorn, helpless; Holy Ghost--seizing upon and using for God's glory.

"The lame take the prey," Isaiah tells us.

The dictionary gave one of many definitions of broken as: reduced to submission. math, "reduced" means to change the denomination or form, (but not the value) ....and submission's definition is humble obedience.

God wants us to come to Him in humble obedience yet at the same time He does not reduce our value...He gave up EVERYTHING for our value!