Monday, September 28, 2009


Joining Mary @ LIttle RED HOUSE...
FALL brings...
HOMECOMING football games and dances...
(dinner/movie with BESTEST girlfriends)

and memories of GRANNY and her knitting needles...
BS&K and I had just finished pounding these bodies into the ground in the dungeon (working out in the basement) and returned upstairs to sit our bones in a chair because we were EXHAUSTED (taking a moment to catch up before getting on to the rest of our day)...
"I've been using these knitting needles with this baby yarn, but they are too
big and the weave is too, I'll have to find my Granny's knitting
needles to use on this baby blanket."

When I made the above statement I KNEW where to go in my house (to get the needles I received when she passed away 15 years ago)...or so I thought. My first problem...I thought.

In these days of surgically-induced menopause my brain has been obliterated from the possibility of remembering things correctly just doesn't keep up anymore. I have to make notes to myself in any split second to remember my next simplest move.

Even though my head was telling me I KNEW where those needles were, I charged upstairs to my 'beautifully engineered craft area' my guest bedroom and began pilfering through the sewing box stowed under the bed... knowing I would be able to grab them and traipse back downstairs to 'begin again' on my baby blanket.

Yet, they had walked away WEREN'T there...where my mushy, unable-to-sometimes-put-together-a-sentence organ taking up room in my skull brain told me they would be waiting.

Working my way through many containers and you have as many bags of STUFF as I do?...NOTHING, NADA, empty...geez! I KNOW I saw them recently. When was that?....oh, they're in this room...somewhere, I KNOW IT! On to the closet, looking through more containers and bags...found the wire snips I had been looking for last week(that I NEVER found last week, obviously) but NO NEEDLES.

All the places in the craft room bedroom left me empty handed. The master closet, maybe I saw them in the organizer on the shelf in the master closet.

This is what was running above my eyeballs as I began putting back ALL THE CRAP AS MY HUBBY CALLS IT each container that's supposed to HELP me keep things organized.

Out the bedroom I walked, down the hall and into the closet rustling through the organizer, still convinced the green steel needles would happily greet me...NOT! Ugh...nowhere in here either.

"How many times do I have to go through this circus of wasting time KNOWING I KNOW WHERE TO FIND SOMETHING?

So many times I have looked and looked to no avail...then, I REMEMBER there is ONE who KNOWS where it ALL is.

ONE who can take me right to it. So, like a little child being taught a lesson, ONE MORE TIME...I stopped and had a talk with Jesus.

"Lord, You know EVERYTHING...You even know where my Granny's needles are. Would you take this over and do this for me? You told me to seek You and I would find...and You've done it so many times for me in the past. I just keep FORGETTING to ask You FIRST."

I literally turned on my heels after uttering this prayer OUTLOUD...and a flash went behind my eyes like a quick bolt of lightning...

"They're in the plastic travel container in the basement, you used them on your last Emmaus weekend."

I began to laugh, really...and talk to myself about how He's getting quicker and quicker with answering this prayer for me.

While I was talking to myself about being amazed over His specificity in guiding us, I ran down the stairs, through the door to the basement, around the corner, reached right into the travel container and pulled out GRANNY's needles...right where He said they would be.

"God, You are SO steadfast and true...You were standing right
there with me, probably wondering how long it was going to take me this time to
ask you AGAIN. Thank you for AGAIN coming to my rescue, in this oh-so-important event brief moment of frustration, once again
turned to a PRAISE EVENT."

Amen & Amen

Whatever YOUR NEED today...Talk to God about it FIRST, He'll answer.

Jer. 33:3 "Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know."

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