Wednesday, September 23, 2009

RANDOM DOZEN #3 (for's my first)

1. middle school memory: I won the TALENT SHOW...twirling to "DIZZY"...that was fun...I still have my ribbon.

2. favorite Beatles song: "I WANT TO HOLD YOUR HAND"...classic

3. comfortable outfit:   black/white polka dot sleeveless blouse, black shorts...I'm in for comfort and cool these days...even in the 60-degree rooms of our church, I prefer this cool number

4. Host a party or be a guest:  I like forces me to get things done around here.

5. Traditional books or digital ones:  I like things that don't require batteries, so traditional is for me. 

6. Learn best by reading, listening or experiencing:  experiencing is my preferred way to learn...thank goodness for 'college-bound chemistry' with hands-on labs...that was the only way I EVER understood algebra...until then, I didn't care what X was and didn't know why anyone else would care about X.

7. When I considered a potential match for marriage, the kiss of death was:  Smoking put a nail in any relationships...not gonna have it in MY house, for sure.

8. Snacks. Salty or sweet?  /gotta do both of these together...don't enjoy one without the other

9. Four-foot radius:  There sits a container of Pearberry scented body butter on the edge of my chair-side table...for those rough elbows and ankles, you know, my natural oils aren't keeping up anymore.

10. Favorite Tom Cruise movie? TOP GUN...oh my!!  I was dating a 'fighter pilot' when this came out and I'll never forget hearing his play-by-play during this movie...good times!

11. Bottle of shampoo bought, don't like what it does to my hair...What will I do:  put it in my daughter's bathroom shower...we don't have the same hair texture, so what won't work for me will probably work for her.

12. Favorite Fall comfort food:  Cornbread dressing covered in giblet gravy