Wednesday, September 23, 2009

RANDOM DOZEN #3 (for's my first)

1. middle school memory: I won the TALENT SHOW...twirling to "DIZZY"...that was fun...I still have my ribbon.

2. favorite Beatles song: "I WANT TO HOLD YOUR HAND"...classic

3. comfortable outfit:   black/white polka dot sleeveless blouse, black shorts...I'm in for comfort and cool these days...even in the 60-degree rooms of our church, I prefer this cool number

4. Host a party or be a guest:  I like forces me to get things done around here.

5. Traditional books or digital ones:  I like things that don't require batteries, so traditional is for me. 

6. Learn best by reading, listening or experiencing:  experiencing is my preferred way to learn...thank goodness for 'college-bound chemistry' with hands-on labs...that was the only way I EVER understood algebra...until then, I didn't care what X was and didn't know why anyone else would care about X.

7. When I considered a potential match for marriage, the kiss of death was:  Smoking put a nail in any relationships...not gonna have it in MY house, for sure.

8. Snacks. Salty or sweet?  /gotta do both of these together...don't enjoy one without the other

9. Four-foot radius:  There sits a container of Pearberry scented body butter on the edge of my chair-side table...for those rough elbows and ankles, you know, my natural oils aren't keeping up anymore.

10. Favorite Tom Cruise movie? TOP GUN...oh my!!  I was dating a 'fighter pilot' when this came out and I'll never forget hearing his play-by-play during this movie...good times!

11. Bottle of shampoo bought, don't like what it does to my hair...What will I do:  put it in my daughter's bathroom shower...we don't have the same hair texture, so what won't work for me will probably work for her.

12. Favorite Fall comfort food:  Cornbread dressing covered in giblet gravy


Heart2Heart said...

Loved all your answers! Great answers with your Top Gun boyfriend at that time!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

sara said...

great answers!!! especially the last one!! :)

Mocha with Linda said...

I almost put turkey & dressing!

lemonadegal said...

Great list - short and sweet.

Kay said...

I love cornbread dressing! I usually spaz out and make some a little before Turkey Day b/c I can't wait any longer and I'm just dyin' for some! : ) YUM!

Diana said...

Enjoyed the visit today and all the insight through your answers. The last post mentioned your dad. I lost my dad as well in 1990! I think he might have even used that same green bottle.

Hop over sometime.


Kim said...

I'm not sure I understand algebra yet :-) That's why I married my husband -- so he can figure out anything that requires more than basic math.

I was going to participate in Linda's meme this week but then we were gone. Just got back to town and it's late and I'm TIRED. But wanted to catch up on a few blogs before I head to bed. But next week for sure -- fun questions she comes up with :-)

quilly said...

I very much enjoy Linda's Memes. Her questions are thoughtful and reading everyone's answers often reminds me of forgotten memories.

I loved "Dizzy"! I haven't heard it in years and now it's playing in my head. For the 7th grade talent show, my best-friend and I sang, "Tears of Misery," a la Pat Hervey.

Thank you for visiting my blog. Would you still have come by if you knew ahead of time that I've taught algebra? ;) You know, you do an algebra problem every time you measure something you have (like money) and against something you need, and then figure out how long it will take you to acquire it.

AND, did you really want the 5 words for the Five Word Meme? I've sent them to your box, but if I misunderstood, just pass them by and no harm done. :)