Tuesday, September 22, 2009


We’re about two weeks out from celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary and I’m finding myself in a very nostalgic mood. A mood not necessarily thinking about my husband, but thinking about the OTHER man in my life at that time, my Daddy.

You see, my Daddy certainly deserved having his name capitalized…even though I know in the proper form that is not correct. He was capitalized in my heart…my strong source…the source of teaching me about honesty in all things. He was a short little man who stood around 5’ 7” with the brightest blue eyes and sparkling silver hair (which he had been given earlier than most…he started graying before I was born).

His Daddy had passed along hard-work ethics to him, so his years of diligent work for Southern Bell as an outside plant man carried on his Daddy’s legacy. He retired after 30 years of dedication and union membership…he believed in making things right, staying aware of fairness and putting in a very hard day’s work…and he passed that to me. He never cut corners or tried to cheat ANYONE out of anything…ever!

Daddy died in 1990, six months after our wedding, and my last picture with him individually was just before we walked down the aisle together. I can still smell his ‘Skin Bracer’ by Mennen’s aftershave…200you know, the green concoction in the kind of square glass bottle…I broke it one time, I know it was glass. Guess they still sell it in the same bottles.

Daddy NEVER left home without a handkerchief and CHAPSTICK in his pocket and he LOVED sports jokes and good sports casters. He always laughed at Dizzy Dean and Milo Hamilton. We enjoyed many years of Atlanta Braves baseball together, even before they went on their winning spree…We were at the old Atlanta Stadium the Sunday Hank Aaron hit his “715” homerun…and as Milo broadcasted: "He's sitting on 714. Here's the pitch by (Al) Downing ... swinging ... There's a drive into left-center field. That ball is gonna be ... outta here! It's gone! It's 715! There's a new home run champion of all time! And it's Henry Aaron!"

180px-AtlantafultoncountystadiumWe were sitting out in left field…sure would have liked to have gotten THAT ball!

Daddy never saw the Braves win the World Series in 1995 though …I know he was chopping with us in 1991 as we were cheering them on (DD was in my belly and I always felt Daddy was watching over my shoulder from Heaven each time I ‘chopped’.

Daddy, I loved you while you were here and I continue to love you …as you help me raise dd through these high school years, even if it is from my heart, in my head, and sometimes in my dreams.

Maybe I’m missing you so much now because I’m readying myself for ‘missing’ DD after ‘life changes forever’ and she heads for college. It will never be the same and I'm praying already she’ll remember her family as lovingly as I do and have the promise in her heart that Jesus will never leave her or forsake her, just like her Daddy!

Thank you, Jesus, for blessing my life with my Daddy.

Isaiah 54:13 "All your sons will be taught by the LORD, and great will be your children's peace."