Monday, March 23, 2009

ABCs of the DAY! !

Decided to jump in on the idea from my JubiSista ... my brain's still asleep from my weekend of very little sleep.

A, age: 50, Jub-i-leeeeeee!
B, burger of choice: blue cheese crumbles with crisp onion straws on top, no catsup on mine
C, car driven: red SUV, Chrysler Pacifica
D, dog's name(s): past: Shorty (lab mix), Smokey (beagle/shepherd), Murphy, (peek-a-poo)
E, essential item used daily: microwave
F, favorite television show: NCIS (anybody else have a crush on Mark Harmon?)
G, favorite game: Word Path of Facebook (think I'm addicted)
H, hometown: Doraville, GA
I, instruments played: trumpet, piano, flute, recorder (rusty in all)
J, favorite juice: Tropicana Pure Premium Pure Raspberry Acai
K, like to kick: my backside--when I don’t exercise
L, last restaurant you dined at: Hidalgo’s Mexican Restaurant, taco salad
M, muppet of choice: Beaker, makes me laugh, great hair while “meeping
N, number of piercings: 2, one each ear and no tats
O, overnight hospital stays: 4 (wisdom teeth, c-section, colon cancer,& the big H)
P, people with today: girlfriend, Be Still and Know
Q, quiet times spent doing: blogging, coffee, crocheting cancer baby bonnets
R, regrets?: gaining back my previous weight loss—(here I go again)!
S, status: Marital? Married; Ascribed? “the baby” of two daughters; Income? retired telecom network mgr.

T, time you woke up today: 9:45am,…catching up from late-night breakfast (french toast sticks, scrambled eggs, pancake/sausage rolls, blonde brownies, nuts) 'til 4am on prom night

U, unique gifts, God-given/-received: encouragement/wonderful Christian girlfriends
V, favorite vegetable: asparagus, especially; close 2nd, orange and yellow bell peppers (eat 'em like apples, can't get enough)
W, worst habit: wanting to FIX everything; should LISTEN better
X, last x-rays: teeth
Y, yummy food eaten today: home-made grilled chicken/veggie salad ...(w/ BeStill&Know after working out together)!
Z, zoo animal adored: otters…so adorable and resourceful (did you know they like to pray too?!

What did you enjoy this wonderful, 1st-weekend-of-Spring?!
What are your or your kidz' ABCs today?