Sunday, March 29, 2009

PROJECT 365(WK 13)...STILL CELEBRATIN'!..Calamity Kim's Giveaways

Celebrating her apron being published in the new "Apronology Magazine" and her overall love of aprons, Calamity Kim decided to do a GIVEAWAY! The rules are simple:
Post a link on your Blog if you have one (or Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Flickr, or any of your message boards) about her giveaway, go back to her site, leave a comment and tell her your link.

I got a surprise this week... unexpected visit "so-to-speak"... ~ : D

"My Christmas Cactus had a solo bloom!"

It came into its fullness this past week.

(click on each pic to get a closer look at each picture)

(Back around Christmas it had multiple blooms and I didn't expect it to have any more color until next Christmas.)

I've sure enjoyed the surprise of it...I smile at it each time I walk by and am again amazed.

This has been a celebration week with other surprises, too!

The most fun...
girl friends "snuck in"
(with our knowledge of course, but no DD's)
early one morning bearing gifts, flowers and fresh-baked cinnamon rolls...surprising DD with an acapella "Happy Birthday" rendition!!
Teen-age love is so AWEsome to watch, hear and enjoy.

And, finally...
We're still receiving college name a new kind of media and they send it!
It has increased our "junk mail" per se 200%.
We're considering making some sight visits :)

Have a great week...go visit Calamity Kim for giveaways

and Sarah for more Project 365!


Nise' said...

Happy Birthday to DD! We are getting mounds of the same kind of junk mail as well.

Kim said...

What a wonderful surprise to have your Christmas cactus bloom again! My roses are STILL blooming! I have one or two always in bloom (well, there ARE 13 bushes in my yard!).

Sounds like DD had a very nice, wonderfully special b-day :-) Does she have any idea what she wants to major in at college? My DD had a long list of criteria when she started looking at schools :-) We had fun visiting a few of them! Road trip :-)

Dena said...

I totally remember the mountains of junk mail we received when our daughters were looking ahead to college.

How fun that her friends woke up her that way. Very sweet.

Technonana said...

Exciting Times! Cherish them all!!

Sassy Granny ... said...

Looks like a pretty busy household to me. And what fun!

Some of my fondest memories are those when my children began spreading their wings. They flap & fly quite proficiently now, but those first take-offs and landings were fun & funny (most of the time).


Faye said...


Greg C said...

We are getting the same influx of mail even though college is over a year away.

Beverlydru said...

Glad to hear you're doing the 30 x 5 challenge.
I am wogging for 30 minutes (my brand of fast walking alternated with jogging) and then when I get home I do sit-ups and push ups. I want to buy a great DVD for bad weather days but don't know of a great one.

My favorite exercise is not so physical....

There is no better exercise for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.
~ John Andrew Holmes

Terri Tiffany said...

Oh the fun of choosing a college! Thanks for the link:))

grey like snuffie said...

Oh how I remember the days before a college choice was locked in...glory so many trees killed. I LOVED those high school years...watching our girls lives change course...wondering where God would take them. Have fun with it all!