Sunday, February 14, 2010


Come see what we had going on this week...CLICK THE ABOVE PIC TO GO TO SARA'S...IN THE MEANTIME, HERE'S some of OUR week:

2/13 brought the most gorgeous blue sky; I just love how it highlights the snow, such an awesome front yard river birch
If it weren't for our bench you wouldn't be able to tell there's an island around these trees...I just love seeing the cleanliness the snow makes of the landscape.
What was predicted to be only an inch or so--turned out to be 4 inches confirmed...and NO layer of ice under it. We usually have more ice to deal with in this part of the state.
Below is OUR version of the neighborhood Olympics :)...they were having such fun...

2/12 WAS DOWNRIGHT CHILLY, DD and I had some fun using the 'timer' on the camera and getting some shots Teens always have THE BEST ways to celebrate she wanted to do a picture to send to her friend who knitted the gloves she's wearing! They're adorable fingerless gloves that have a flap that folds over to make them into mittens :)

Before the snow arrived Friday afternoon, I had made a trip to the get my milk and bread, of course...that's a local joke here....we NEVER get snowed in enough to REALLY need milk and bread. However, while there I had to turn in a prescription for my sure helps me breathe.
Thursday evening one of my buds gave me some buds...(dopey, I know, simple things make me giggle these days)...a very pretty kalanchoe to celebrate another year breathing in His merciful breath of life.

On Tuesday I had my salon appointment to trim my hair...I took some shots but they were SO AWFUL I wasn't about to post any one of them...

As "ARo" is SO GOOD at doing on her blogs...

In summary, I must count my snowy blessings while I have them because they quickly melt away when the temps go up; there is ALWAYS something to praise in and around a storm--the little birdies were still out and about in the snow but I wasn't quick enough to catch them; Times with my DD are fleeting--she'll be off to college in less than 6 months so I am cherishing every moment; Thanks will always be given for grocery stores and pharmacies--providence of such special things; finally, I have some of THE BEST praying mama sisters in the WORLD and thank the Lord for EVERY remembrance of them!


Jer. 33:3 "Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know."