Saturday, February 13, 2010

THEN SINGS MY SOUL...marshmallow world

THEN SINGS MY SOUL...Joining Amy...

my soul is singing...singing in joy for the beautiful snow we had yesterday. We woke to the most gorgeously blue skies, so I had to take pics of that too! It'll be gone by later today or early tomorrow...but it surely has been clean, quiet and a wonderful change.GO, GOD!!!

(Down below Dean's video is a short snippet of what I found outside this it, love it...Did I mention I LOVE IT!!! )

If you've never seen Dean Martin or heard him sing...this song captures the way I feel about the snow...a marshmallow world...

DISCLAIMER: not endorsing his smoking nor having a holiday-decorated house in the middle of February but the words of the song are great...

captures my feel for the snow and the LOVE of the weekend with my sweetheart!!!

"A Marshmallow World"

It's a marshmallow world in the winter,
When the snow comes to cover the ground,
It's the time for play, it's a whipped cream day,
I wait for it all year round.

It's a yum-yummy world made for sweethearts,
Take a walk with your favourite girl,
It's a sugar date, what if spring is late,
In winter, it's a marshmallow world.




Hazel said...

I love it when I hear someone appreciating something that others are complaining about. There must be a reason why God sends snow: it beautifies the surroundings and us who live in warmer climates are all the more amazed by it!

Nel said...

I enjoyed your post. Dean Martin was quite a character but very talented. Enjoyed the way he sang the song. And enjoyed your little clip of your outside world. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

until next time... nel

Mocha with Linda said...

Fun song! I believe that Ernie Haase and Signature Sound Quartet recorded that on their recent Christmas CD!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Loved your glad that I stopped by

Happy Hearts Day

Teena in Toronto said...

Happy blogoversary!

Cecelia---Sis---Mom said...

I enjoyed this post so much. Happy Blogoversary. I loved what my youngest said when he looked outside this morning (he fell asleep before it started snowing), he said, "Mom, it looks just like Narnia!" Needless to say we were thrilled. We took a drive, took pictures, built a snowman and spent the day laughing and cutting up. I am so blessed.


lagirl/Sweet Tea said...

Perfect song for the weather we've ALL had this week. Loved it!

Theresa said...

Thanks for visiting my blog.

I love Dean Martin and I have to laugh at both the decor and how acceptable smoking was then. Amazing!!

Thanks for the flashback!!